Weaverville California Attractions

I enjoyed John Flinn's story ("Unassuming Shangri-La in Trinity Alps," Aug.1) about my great hometown. I hope someone will take the trip up here again to see the incredible restoration of the Weaverville Hotel that re-opened in late July. I toured it the other day. I usually don't get that excited about places of its era, but this is true to its roots and enthusiastically and lovingly decorated.

I have loved Flinn's columns for years. Thanks for taking me off this mountain each Sunday.

Sharon Waterhouse - Weaverville, Trinity County

Weavrville Hotel Parlor
Room 1

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Everyone in Trinity County is pretty much agreed that our number one attraction is our gorgeous scenery. Whether you are an admirer of fall colors or wild flowers, a kayaker or rafter, a fisherman or hunter, a hiker, biker, or a seeker of gold; a mountain climber or cross country runner, an amateur (or professional) botanist, biologist, or nature photographer, you are going to love Trinity County.

The next major attraction to this area is, of course, our sense of history. Although the California Gold Rush is what most people think of when they see this historic town, few know about the thousands of Chinese who lived here too, and worked their own mines. The history of this area also extends back much further, of course, to the people who lived here long ago, the Nor-Rel-Muk Indians and their ancestors. The Jake Jackson Museum, within easy walking distance of the hotel, gives a great glimpse of the past. The Joss House, which is a Taoist temple, built by the Chinese miners, is still in use as a temple, as well as a state park with tours Thursdays through Sundays.

In winter we celebrate Chinese New Year, a fun event that includes Lion Dancers, drummers and firecrackers along Main Street, culminating at the Joss House.  Fall Festival begins October 1st and lasts all month. Salmon Festival and Halloween (where local youngsters dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat Old Town Main Street merchants) are also part of Fall Festival. Mountain Magic Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving each year with Main Street Merchants decorating in the old fashioned style with live Christmas greenery.  The town is beautiful to behold, even if it doesn’t snow. Santa comes to the Band Stand in his Big Purple Fire Truck and talks with all the kids about their Christmas lists. The 4th of July Celebration is another must-see-to-believe Weaverville event. Again, the Band Stand is at the center of much of the celebration with bell-ringing, speeches, and music. There is a real small-town-U.S.A. flavor to our parade. The whole town turns out, venders set up their booths on Main Street, in the meadow next to the Congregational Church, as well as at Lowden Park where there is a Rodeo, Softball tournament, demolition derby, etc. And don’t miss the firing of the anvil. Plus fireworks! Of course.